Water treatment facilities utilize large amounts of acreage around the outskirts of cities and towns - acreage that can easily be utilized to supplement or even replace the electric loading demands on the grid. Whether it is desalination or waste water treatment, PV Trackers has the engineered solutions to reliably power the loads of your facility.


Recently commissioned in Willows, California is a solar array consisting of 58 PV Trackers 7.2DX dual-axis solar trackers providing power for the city’s wastewater treatment facility.  The PV Trackers system was chosen for this job to maximize kW hour production with fewer solar panels than competitive systems.  Working closely with the developer, Solar Power Partners, and with Power Partners for the EPC, PV Trackers technology sits among a strong team in solar energy development. Accessible off the 1-5 corridor, this installation in Willows will provide over 750MW hours of electricity per year.