Now more then ever, Agricultural industries have the opportunity to significantly decrease their exposure to volatile energy pricing and secure their energy costs permanently. PV Trackers specializes in engineering power plants based on each client's long term energy goals. Whether you want to offset a portion of your grid consumption or are looking to become completely energy independent, PV Trackers has the scalable power plant solutions for you.

Our award winning dual axis tracking systems are the first in the world to match the power demand profile of even the largest agricultural operations. PV Trackers was the first to integrate a dual axis solar solution into rice drying facilities in California. An example of our accomplishment:


Project Specifications Project Profile
 Location  Northern California
 Project Size (STC/DC)
 Technology  PVT 6.0 Tracker
 Number of Trackers
 Land Area
 2.0 Acres
 Panels  ET Solar 200W
 Inverters  51 SMA SB 5000
 Annual Production
 527 MWhr/yr
With a commitment to environmental stewardship, a farmer-owned rice cooperative in Northern California decided to build the first solar powered rice drying facility in the world. Butte County Rice Growers Association (BUCRA) is a 96 year old cooperative that was formed to meet the needs of rice farmers by providing farming supplies, seeds, drying and storage of harvested rice. PVT dual-axis trackers were installed to supplement the existing fixed-tilt racks, and have increased power production over the fixed array by almost 50%. PVT more than met BUCRA CEO, Carl Hoff’s, expectations. During a recent site visit Mr. Hoff stated, “I am very impressed by the production numbers of the dual-axis trackers. I see my trackers reaching peak energy while the fixed-tilt rack barely begins to show on the chart.” 

 Annual Production By Month